True Bondage Stories

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Bondage Life Stories

We all like to see naked women in bondage (or, if you are not into bondage pornography scroll up a bit and use the links above for other types of free pornography). But did you know that some women like to end up naked in bondage? Some women enjoy bondage games where they are tied up, or chained up by men and fucked in bondage. Some even enjoy being tortured in bondage or a bit of public humiliation! A few just fantasise about this and masturbate. But some women really live the life. They let men tie them up, chain them up, whip them, beat them, cane them, spank them, even torture them. Having bean beaten and tortured in bondage they are then fucked in bondage. Some even go for public humiliation and then a gang bang in bondage.

But be aware that only a few women enjoy bondage and/or torture, most don't like it. So DON'T assume otherwise.

On this site you will find true bondage stories about women who do like bondage, do enjoy being tortured, do enjoy public humiliation, and do enjoy being fucked in bondage. You can read about their genuine bondage lifestyle here.

And I am going to add a new true bondage story every single day (except when ill or on holiday) so please bookmark this page, because you will want to keep coming back for more free bondage pornography.

Fairly was a town girl, but she had gone for a day in the country. She ignored a 'No Trespassing' sign and crossed a field. Some rough farmhands were working in the field and when they saw her trespassing they decided to punish her. When they saw how beautiful she was they decided to enjoy themselves while punishing her.

They dragged her into the middle of the Field and 'staked her out'. This meant they drove four wooden tent pins into the ground, forced her to lie in between them, and tied her wrists and ankles to the pins, so she was lying on her back on the ground, tied down like a giant X.

Then they stripped her naked. This meant cutting her clothes off because they did not want to untie her.

When she was naked they took it in turns to fuck her.

When she had been fucked sore, they all got bull whips and began whipping her naked body. .....

This is an extract from one of the 26 stories in the book "Women Slaves At De Sade Hall". To download and read this book in it's entirety Click Here

To her horror Lucy found that the town only had one prison, so it contained both male and female prisoners. But she had her own cell, when she mixed with the other prisoners they were under the watchful eyes of the guards, so after a few days she stopped worrying. But it was not the other prisoners she needed to worry about it was the staff.

She had to call them all 'sir', she never learnt any names. She is not even sure if the guy in charge was called 'warden', 'head guard' or something else. But for the convenience of this book I have to call them something. There was one 'warden', two deputies, nine guards (usually working in shifts of three), and one civilian who seemed to do everything the guards did not do. I'll call them: Warden, Deputy1, Deputy2 Guard1, Guard2, Guard3, Guard4, Guard5, Guard6 Guard7 Guard8 and Guard9 and the civilian I'll call Civilian. I owe them no respect.

There were about fifty male prisoners and only one other woman. The woman was about 50 and (Lucy says) as ugly as sin. Since Lucy was nineteen, blond, and beautiful I guess I can understand why these things happened to her, and not the other woman prisoner.

This is a shocking and true story that tells you everything that happened to her, everything the guards did to Lucy while she was their helpless prisoner.

You are going to really enjoy reading this eBook. Remember: Lucy told the author EVERYTHING that happened. You want to read this.

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Romney (28) knocked on Shirley's door. Shirley opened it and asked "Are you Romney?" She nodded 'yes'. Shirley let her in and handed her an envelope. It contained money. Not much. Less than two hours wages at minimum wage. But Romney was desperate. She needed the money. So for this slim envelope containing less money than one theatre ticket would cost, she had sold herself as a lesbian bondage slave.

Fully dressed Shirley came up behind Romney. She just grabbed Romney's hips and pulled her backwards so that they were standing with Romney's buttocks resting against Shirley's pussy. Romney was made to stand still while Shirley rubbed her pussy against Romney's arse to get herself hot. She could have done this until she got an orgasm, but she did not. Shirley wanted to tease herself first, to enjoy Romney until she was so turned on by Romney's humiliation that she could cum over and over again. And each time would be a deep orgasm, highly satisfying. I think I'd call it trantric lesbian sadism.

Before Shirley finally allowed herself to orgasm Romney would suffer pain. Shirley would torture the lesbian bondage slave that she had just bought for the evening. She would torture her until she screamed and begged for mercy. But there would be no mercy. Romany had taken Shirley's money, and now she had no choice but to suffer whatever cruel torture the sadistic woman enjoyed inflicting on her. And Shirley's pleasures would be cruel indeed.

But that was later. First Shirley wanted to humiliate Romney. She wanted Romney to feel the shame she deserved to feel for selling herself for money.....

This is from the book "Lesbian Bondage Slaves". The full book is available in eBook form, to download this set of lesbian bondage stories Click Here.

Damien makes Karren kneel on the ground, then turns to her workmates and asks "Do you want a photo of her giving a blowjob?" Karren whimpers and says "no, please, it will be passed round at work." But the guy with the camera says "yes" so Damien ignores Karren and forces his penis into her mouth, and makes her suck him off. When he cums he pulls his penis out of her mouth and splashes his cum in her face and over her naked tits, to give them another 'photo opportunity'

Then he unties her wrists, makes her stand facing them, and push her fingers up her pussy. Then he lets the photographer take a photo of Karren masturbating herself.

After the photo Damien makes her continue to masturbate while her friends watch. They laugh at her and she is determined not to cum. The problem is that the humiliation is great, and she is so turned on by her own humiliation that she cannot help herself. She cums loudly and violently, her friends laugh, and to her shame she hears one say "the little slut, she is turned on by the humiliation."

And that is the worst humiliation of all, her friends knowing that she is sexually turned on by being humiliated.

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I was on a protest march and the police got heavy handed. So I called them pigs and spat at them. Bad move. They arrested me and took me to the station. I was locked in an interrogation room and left for hours. Then about one in the morning two cops came in. One said "We have come to interrogate you". I replied "Fuck you pig." One of the cops slapped my face and said "We are going to teach you some manners." Then the other cop grabbed me from behind and held my hands behind my back.

When he had me secure the other cop began undoing the buttons on my blouse. "You can't do that you pig" I yelled. He just smiled and replied "It is one in the morning, only a few of us here, you have not been booked in yet, no one knows you are here. So we can do whatever we like to you." Then he ripped off my bra so that my tits were naked, and began to fondle them.

His partner said "I thought we were going to teach her a lesson first." He replied "Sure, but that does not mean we can't have some fun at the same time. But I guess you are right. We had better teach her that it does not pay to disrespect the law." Then he punched my naked tit hard. Then the other one. And he kept punching my tits........

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Those are all the true bondage stories I have for now, but bookmark this site because I will add more true bondage stories tomorrow and the next day, and the day after next, and so on). So come back tomorrow and every day for more great stories of naked women in bondage.

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The Manager & Ugly Get A Woman

An out of the way hotel, an unused wine cellar, and two people with a hidden past. A recipe for suffering, bondage, torture, and the sexual abuse of an unwilling woman captive.

THE MANAGER - A Cruel And Evil Sadist!

He has a hidden past, no one knows what he used to do, or why he chose to run an out of the way hotel, but someone is about to find out what he will do in the future, and cruel bondage and extreme torture will follow!

UGLY - A pervert into forced sex in bondage!

It is not his fault, he got his nickname (Ugly) because he really is very ugly. Few women are prepared to have sex with him voluntarily. So he has to resort to forced sex - tying them up in bondage then taking their helpless bodies AGAINST THEIR WILL

MANDY - A woman on the run!

She is running away, she has covered her tracks, and no one knows where she has gone. Unfortunately she has chosen to hide in the hotel run by The Manager and Ugly, and when they find out that no one knows where she has gone, they will realise that no one will know if she 'disappears', no one will know if she ends up tied up in bondage suffering extreme torture and forced sex in their dungeon.

Bondage, Torture, And Forced Sex In A Dungeon

The wine cellar is unused, it is deep beneath the hotel, and it makes a great dungeon. In this dungeon women can be tied up in bondage. In this dungeon women can be tortured, In this dungeon women can suffer forced sex. And no one will hear them scream. The dungeon walls are thick, the sound of tortured women begging for mercy will not penetrate the dungeon walls, so help will not come, mercy will not be shown.

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