True Bondage Stories

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Bondage Life Stories

We all like to see naked women in bondage (or, if you are not into bondage pornography scroll up a bit and use the links above for other types of free pornography). But did you know that some women like to end up naked in bondage? Some women enjoy bondage games where they are tied up, or chained up by men and fucked in bondage. Some even enjoy being tortured in bondage or a bit of public humiliation! A few just fantasise about this and masturbate. But some women really live the life. They let men tie them up, chain them up, whip them, beat them, cane them, spank them, even torture them. Having bean beaten and tortured in bondage they are then fucked in bondage. Some even go for public humiliation and then a gang bang in bondage.

But be aware that only a few women enjoy bondage and/or torture, most don't like it. So DON'T assume otherwise.

On this site you will find true bondage stories about women who do like bondage, do enjoy being tortured, do enjoy public humiliation, and do enjoy being fucked in bondage. You can read about their genuine bondage lifestyle here.

And I am going to add a new true bondage story every single day (except when ill or on holiday) so please bookmark this page, because you will want to keep coming back for more free bondage pornography.

Karren still had the scaffold pole rammed up her pussy, and her workmates spat on Karren's naked body.

Finally they made her lie on the ground and all the men urinated on her.

At least their piss cleaned off some of the mud.......

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I was eating alone, a big meal at an expensive restaurant, and when it was over I discovered that my purse had been stolen, there was no way I could pay. The manager did not believe me, he thought I was trying to get a free lunch, I would have to work in the kitchen that evening to pay the bill. I agreed thinking he meant doing the washing up, I did not realise that he had other things on his mind.........

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By then they were all horny again but this time wanted to bugger her arse. They untied her to bugger her, but they decided that it was more fun if she was in bondage and in pain when they buggered her.

So they sprinkled drawing pins (thumb tacks) on a desk and made her lie face down on it, so that the pins stuck into her flesh. However her tits were saved from this punishment because they had positioned her so that they were hanging over the edge of the table.

Then they took turns to climb up on top of her and bugger her up the arse.

To her horror Danni found that the reason they had left her tits hang over the edge of the table was so that one of the students could torture her breasts with a candle while they buggered her.........

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Jenny was wearing a loose blouse this was because her tits were still sore from the beating, and she found that her teeshirt rubbed against them and hurt. Her first humiliation was so undo her blouse and hold it open. Jenny was also not wearing a bra (for the same reason), so this made her tits naked. However she later learnt that it would not have mattered if she was wearing a bra, because they would have made her remove it.

Then three more girls were led in. Jenny was told that these three girls were lesbians who wanted to see her breasts naked. This was not true, these were simply three girls whose pledges had quit the previous day (about half had quit, so now each remaining pledge had four or five girls to initiate them). However Jenny believed that they were lesbians. The fact that they were seeing her naked tits was made worse by the fact that she was holding her blouse open herself, 'displaying herself' to them.

Then to make it worse, the 'lesbians' were then invited to take turns fondling Jenny's naked tits. This hurt a bit, because her tits were still sore from the beating, but Jenny was almost unaware of the pain, because the shame at allowing women she thought were lesbians to fondle her tits was so great.......

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In the evening I made her strip naked, then lie on her back on the kitchen table. I tied her to the table. I had tortured her boobs several times, now I wanted to use just nipple torture.

First I whipped her nipples for a long time to make her nipples very sore, and more sensitive to pain. Then I pinched her nipples hard, and twisted them round it one direction, far enough to really hurt. Then I twisted them in the other direction, then back in the original direction, and kept on twisting them backwards and forwards, every time twisting them far enough to hurt a lot. Then I pulled her nipples up, stretching her boobs until her back began to lift off the table, and I held her like that for a while. Then I dripped hot wax on her nipples, let it harden, and pealed it off. I repeated this for over half a candle. Then I whipped her nipples again.

I made my dinner while she was still on the table, then used her tummy as a table mat, putting my plate on it while I ate. I stopped during the meal to use the phone, and the food got cold. I put it in the oven to get hot. This made the plate hot too, I had to use oven gloves to lift it out, but I put it straight back on annie's naked tummy. After, I had ice cream. The cold bowl replaced the hot plate on her tummy, leaving it there to freeze her tummy. After dinner I exercised, by whipping her boobs. I left her tied to the table naked and hungry, so I could torture her more after watching television.......

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This is a true story. Alison was eighteen when she first went to university and was still a virgin - a sweet, innocent girl. But at university she will take her first steps on the ladder of sexual awareness. There she will see a naked male body for the first time in her life. She will give her first hand job, her first blowjob, and finally give away her virginity as she at last experiences sex, real sex.

Join her as she takes those faltering steps to womanhood, enjoy with her the pleasures of those first sexual experiences, be there as she finally allows him to take from her the innocence of virginity.

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